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East Anglia Region: Oventrop Design Academy

18 October 2017 10:00 - 16:00

Oventrop House, Hatch Industrial Park, Greywell Road, Basingstoke, RG24 7NG
Greywell Road
Old Basing

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CPD Hours

As part of our October skills month programme, CIBSE East Anglia committee invite you and your colleagues to join us for a FREE 5 Hour CPD Workshop with hands on demonstrations.

The need for differential pressure control in variable volume circuits, introducing energy savings by correct commissioning. 

Coordinated automatic thermal balancing and water hygiene management in DHW & CWS introducing legionella control, pseudomonas control, bio-film control and automatic system pasteurisation. An introduction to solar thermal, its principles and applications.
Topics that will be discussed during the seminars consist of the following; 

  • Variable volume system design considerations 
  • Correct application of commissioning products 
  • The application and positioning of differential pressure control valves 
  • The correct selection and operation of thermostatic radiator valves 
  • The use of pressure independent control valves 
  • How to improve system commission ability 
  • How to introduce energy savings by correct commissioning
  • How to maximise cost savings 

Water services system design considerations including;

  • Legionella control in DHWS & CWS systems 
  • Pseudomonas control & management in CWS systems 
  • Biofilm control in CWS systems 
  • The application and positioning of thermal balancing valves 
  • Water systems stagnation reduction 

Solar thermal system overview;

  • The application and operation of a solar thermal system 
  • Site and design considerations 
  • Design software 
  • The potential for energy savings from well-designed sys-tems 
  • Coordinating solar thermal with other energy sources 
Speakers: Gavin Welsman and Chris Doherty

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For more information please contact Nicola Booth at or 01206 844 567.

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E_REG00214 - Standard Ticket £0.00