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South West Region: Post Occupancy Evaluation

11 October 2017 18:00 - 20:00

AECOM, Belvedere House, Pyneshill, Exeter, EX2 5WS



CPD Hours
The main topics we could cover are (all or some of):
  • The “performance gap” – real (imperfections in construction, occupant behaviour, control parameters) and perceived (DEC and EPC not measuring the same thing – unregulated loads)
  • Baseline performance – of the entire Devon County Council (DCC) schools estate and recent builds
  • Client brief – DCC wanted to try and ensure new school buildings achieved a B DEC rating
  • Developing the standard specification – SBEM modelling of a standard classroom block to predict regulated loads (space heating, DHW, lighting, mech vent), bottom up calculations of unregulated loads (ICT servers, CCTV, alarm systems, cleaning…), with alternative scenarios for classroom ICT (netbooks, thin client PCs or tablets for all pupils, or small cluster of PCs)
  • Monitoring the schools (installed metering (picking up pulse outputs); current clamps and dataloggers to augment; temperatures)
  • Actual annual energy use compared to SBEM predictions, and predictions using our standard specification
  • Reasons for discrepancies (evidence of space and dhw heating in holidays, Legionella risks; unexpected use of buildings, impact of adjacent building works).
Speaker: Andrew Mitchelle from Exeter University

Check out the event flyer here.

For more information or to register for this event please contact Josh Hunt at

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