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Below Ground Building Drainage

03 August 2018 9:30 - 17:00

222 Balham High Road

SW12 9BS

A1690 CIBSE Member Rate ex VAT £280.00

A1690 Standard Rate ex VAT £310.00

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CPD Hours
This one day course looks at why it is important for buildings to use energy efficiently. The course looks at heating and cooling systems, and how they fit into a building. Renewable systems are also covered allowing the delegate to understand how they can have a considerable impact on the buildings energy use.

Adrian has experience in all areas of Public Health design and installation. This includes domestic hot and cold water services; above & below ground drainage; rainwater & greywater harvesting and firefighting systems. These systems have been designed for a wide range of projects including offices, multi-residential units, hotels, schools, high-rise, airfields, and hospitals. 

Adrian started as a plumbing apprentice and developed as a contractor and designer. He has worked mainly in the UK but also has experience in Europe and the Middle East. Previous work includes the training of apprentices, mentoring graduates and working as a lecturer delivering plumbing and gas training.    

A1690 CIBSE Member Rate ex VAT £280.00

A1690 Standard Rate ex VAT £310.00