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Mental Health and Suicide in the Workplace: Where to from here? (Online Event)

14 July 2020 17:00 - 18:00


CPD Hours

About this Event

Liam from MATES in Construction will highlight the relationship between our mental health and the workplace. This relationship provides opportunity for workplaces to play an important role in improving not only organizational culture and wellbeing but increasing awareness and responses to those struggling in the wider community. Understanding what to look for in co-workers, family members or friends that could indicate they are struggling with life issues, mental health difficulties or possibly thinking of suicide can be a valuable tool and may even save a life.

The impacts Covid-19 has had on industry have been varied and the full gravity of this pandemic is likely to become clearer as we enter a recovery period over the next 12 -18 months. Many of these impacts have the potential to cause increased anxiety about the future and present need for improved peer support structures and avenues to support.

This presentation will begin with an introduction to the MATES in Construction peer based support program currently operating within the construction and related industries and will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Liam Cubbage

Senior Case Manager

Liam is the Senior Case Manager at MIC WA. His background is in psychology and he has worked in the discipline for over a decade. A significant amount of this time has been working with youth, indigenous and disability related support services in the Pilbara. In the metropolitan area he has worked in post-prison release support, parent and adolescent counselling, suicide post-vention response and suicide prevention including developing community engagement and risk management analysis.

In his role at MIC WA he uses his clinical skills in suicide interventions, triages those at risk to aid them to develop safe plans and help them to make connections with the right support and referrals. He provides support both over the phone and on site as necessary. Liam is also a training facilitator, including the ASIST course. He trains all of the MIC WA units regularly, and also provides other mental health promotion talks and presentations.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Psychology, Post Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management, Ethics, Law & Policy.

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