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How to Plan, Design and Deliver High Performing Heat Networks

19 January 2022 18:30 - 20:00


CPD Hours

How to Plan, Design and Deliver High Performing Heat Networks - Register here

The UK faces a significant challenge with respect to the decarbonisation of heat. Heat networks are set to play a key role in the UK’s transition to low carbon heat. To deliver on the carbon reduction potential, the heat network industry will have to grow quickly, at the same time as transitioning to low carbon generation sources.

Heat networks in the UK have just benefited from a major update to the CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice, CP1 2020. As Steering Group Members of CP1, Michael Ridge, Principal Engineer at FairHeat, and Gareth Jones, Managing Director at FairHeat, will present and share insights on how to implement its requirements on Low Temperature Heat Networks. More specifically, the session will cover three main segments:

1. Energy Strategy – How to create a Roadmap for decarbonising over time, including making decisions around fuel mix and technology hierarchies. FairHeat will explain the changing role of gas and how a transitionary approach is likely to be the lowest risk, most optimal outcome strategy for most projects.

2. Technical Design –FairHeat will present an overview of the key design principles that should be taken into account when developing Low Temperature Heat Networks. As part of this, they will give an overview of their industry leading Design Supplement, specified by over 20 private and social housing developers.

3. Delivery – Delivering a successful, high performing heat network that meets the promises of its specification is challenging but has proven to be achievable when the right processes are put in place.

FairHeat will talk through how to set up a transparent QA process, the need for stakeholder collaboration and the benefits of performance measurement during construction. As part of this, they will present case studies of both good and bad practice installation.

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