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System Updates

Behind the scenes CIBSE Training has been working hard to improve the online learning system and its content in order to keep learners engaged, make the experience seamless and adaptive to everyone’s needs. We have highlighted below some important updates happening this year. Please do take a look at the content section and see if the changes here could affect you.


Content Updates

Over the past few months we have been updating and re-theming our current online courses. So far 7 of the 13 modules have been completed and are now ready to be added to the learning management system. They are:

1.     Introduction to M&E Services (OL02)
2.     Heating Systems Design (OL05)
3.     Hot & Chilled Water Pipework Systems (OL03)
4.     Low Voltage Distribution (OL04)
5.     Ventilation Design (OL07)
6.     Lighting Design (OL06)
7.     Drainage (OL13)


What does this mean for you?

The courses have had several structural updates, but we cannot simply replace old with new. Each new course will need to be uploaded to replace its outdated predecessor. This is required in order to retain your completed quiz scores.

As a learner you could be at any one of 3 stages in your learning; not yet started, in progress or completed. Users that are ‘in progress’ with any of the above courses should try to complete the training by 28th August 2017.  After this date CIBSE will start to replace the existing content and your quiz scores will be lost. We will always notify you one week ahead of replacements.

Once the new courses have been uploaded the outdated courses will be deactivated. Therefore, any user still ‘in progress’ will need to tab through the new course in order to reach the point where they left off.  

The rest of the series will be updated as we progress throughout the year and we will continue to communicate with you on the stages of this process.

If you have already completed the courses or have not yet started, you will not be affected by the updates and your historical completions will still be visible. However, if you fail to complete an ‘in progress module’ and it then gets updated, you would need to tab through that course again and re-take the quiz.

**Please either finish or take a note of where you are in your journey and be prepared to tab through the pages in order to pick up where you left off.


Last but certainly not least is the integration between CIBSE’s CRM database and the Online Learning Portal. Benefits you can expect to see will include being able to log in once and this then leads you to our website, online portal and your CPD records for a quicker, easier and more seamless experience. We will also be improving the online booking capability and navigation of the sites. Again, we will be in contact with any progress of this in due course.

We will endeavour to keep the impact of the updates to a minimum and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us at any time for help or guidance regarding Online Learning modules and processes. For further information please visit our FAQ's page.