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Soft Skills

CIBSE will shortly be launching a ‘soft skills’ catalogue which will consist of 26 brand new bite sized modules; covering subject areas such as:

Business & Management Skills
·         Making your new management position successful 
·         Becoming a coaching manager 
·         Effective decision making 
·         Balancing the dual role of people manager and technical expert
·         Drawing up a project budget

Productivity & Time Management
·         The 12 guidelines of effective time management
·         Focussing on your priorities
·         Managing your time strategically
·         Increasing your productivity in a fast paced world
·         Fostering and maintaining motivation 

Self-Management & Personal Development
·         Assertiveness – Know your profile 
·         Emotional intelligence fundamentals
·         Understanding how you deal with stress
·         Knowing yourself better to communicate better

Communication Skills
·         Writing techniques
·         3 levers for building winning cooperation
·         The art of persuading through listening
·         Being persuasive in management situations 

Soft skills, or interpersonal skills, are vital for managers and employees.

Soft skills could be a combination of the following:

People skills, social skills, attitudes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence among others that enable people to be aware of thier environment in the workplace.

Many employees may need soft skills training in particular areas to assist with thier job. For example, presentation or communication skills. 

More information coming soon .....