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Fees for Academic Accreditation

CIBSE will require all accredited training providers to pay an upfront fee of £5,250 (incl. VAT), this fee included the £1,500 for the accreditation visit and an annual fee of £750.

CIBSE pays for a dedicated team three staff experts, supports a number of internal and external committees and their associated working parties, supports a number of 25 Accreditation Panel Members and Moderators and provides regular training and internal quality assurance.

CIBSE accredits over 120 academic programmes in around 32 organisations in the UK and outside. In addition, CIBSE arranges and supports accreditation, monitoring and advisory visits to various training providers every year. Accreditors work for CIBSE on a voluntary basis.


Academic Accreditation Fees Manual

For more information and to arrange an accreditation visit, email CIBSE Membership at [email protected]

Academic Fee Manual
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