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Entry deadline: 14 September 2022

Entries are submitted through an online entry system, and to make this process as simple as possible there are template entry forms for each category can be downloaded from the category pages.

All entries should include supporting documentation and evidence to supplement the written submission. All supporting information should be collated into one PDF document for upload.

Follow the below five easy steps to enter.

Step 1

Select the category you wish to enter

View categories

Step 2

Download and complete your entry form

Access entry forms

Step 3

Start your FREE online entry

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Step 4

Upload your entry form, supporting document PDF and photographs

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Step 5

Select finish to submit your entry

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Five top tips - Improve your chances of winning:

  1. Start early. Entries received early will be reviewed by CIBSE and allow us to flag up any further requirements prior to judging day.
  2. Provide evidence of user satisfaction. How did you meet and exceed client expectations? Client testimonials can provide valuable insight here.
  3. Include measured data Quantify, quantify, quantify…‘The Chief Executive said it was great’ not enough. You need to demonstrate measurable results against specific objectives. Explain how the results link to the objectives. If your project has a DEC, please supply a copy. If it's on the CarbonBuzz website, then please tell us and give us the link.
  4. Sell the people/project/product. What is the biggest achievement or unique selling point? Bring out the winning points. Explain what is unique or innovative about your entry, how important it is, or the scale of the challenges that had to be overcome.
  5. Send supporting photos. Photos are invaluable to the submission as they will be used to represent your entry at the awards ceremony and in the winners' supplement, should your entry be successful. Think about which images bring your entry to life. We ask for a minimum of 5, but up to 10 high resolution images may be included in support of your entry.

Do you have questions?

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