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CIBSE Apprentice of the Year Level 3-4 2023 winner - Sidney Hargreaves

Hi, I'm Sidney Hargreaves, CIBSE Apprentice of the Year Level 2 -4 2023.


What new and exciting projects are you working on?

I am currently working on Citi Bank in the Docklands which is currently the biggest fit out In Europe!


Have you received any exciting opportunities since winning the CIBSE Young Engineers Award Apprentice of the Year?

I hopefully may have the chance to go to America for the Annual Impact conference hosted by HDR.


Why should you enter?

I believe that individuals should enter these awards as everybody deserves recognition for the great work that they do.


What inspires you as an early career engineer?

The most inspirational part of being a Mechanical Engineer at HDR is having a direct impact on the world that I live in.  Being able to see infrastructure that I have had a small but direct influence on coming into the world and affecting people life’s long after my own. 


How do you think your experience in entering and being shortlisted for the YEAs has helped to boost your confidence and development as an early career engineer?

I believe winning the YEA Award has given me the recognition that I never really knew I deserved. It also gave me confidence within my workplace as many senior figures that I thought I would never talk to in my day-to-day life now give me acknowledgment and recognition for my accomplishments.


What drew you to a career in engineering?

I was originally drawn to engineering through Motorsport. I used Race professionally in British Superbikes from a very young age and my love for Bikes/Cars has always been with me. When I retired from racing due to lack of sponsorship and injuries. I began my work career as a Mechanic for Land Rover & Jaguar and many other prestigious brands. After becoming qualified in this field, I wanted to further my understanding of Engineering, so I searched for an advanced Apprenticeship in the field of Building Services Engineering. 


How do you engage others, friends, or family in the work that you do?

Luckily, I have amazing friends and family members who take a general interest in what I do for a living. My father is someone I regularly talk to regarding Engineering. There is no better engineer in my eyes than my father!


What would you like to do to inspire the next year's applicants?

To inspire next year's applicants, I will continue to be as proactive as possible within the institution and others to engage the younger generation as much as possible to take up opportunities such as the YEA Awards. 

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