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CIBSE Apprentice of the Year Level 5-7 2023 Winner - Jess Sargent

Im Jess Sargent, The CIBSE Level 5-7 Apprentice of the Year 2023,


Why did you enter the awards?

I was recommended to enter the award by members of my team. This was something I saw as a great opportunity for me to gain confidence and put myself out there regardless of the final outcome. 


Have you recieved any exciting oppotunities since winning the YEA Apprentice of the Year?

Since winning the YEA Apprentice of the Year, I have been presented with many new opportunities, alongside the opportunity to talk to the other shortlisted candidates and industry professionals on the night. Recently, a new exciting opportunity has come up for me to take part in a mentorship program for younger women at local schools. 


What inspires you as an early career engineer? 


Problem-solving is something that I have always enjoyed, especially coupled with a large push towards susainability. Being able to learn about and then implement systems that will be able to make a real difference towards heading to net zero, is something that keeps me inspired as an early career engineer. 



Why should you enter?


Regardless of the outcome, the application can help build your confidence and offer a new experience. If you end up being shortlisted, you get the opportunity to talk with all of the other candidates, and it is something that will look great on your CV.



How do you think your experience in entering and being shortlisted for the YEAs has helped to boost your confidence and development as an early career engineer? 


The entire process of entering the award has helped to build my confidence; I have improved by presentation skills, which I was able to do when entering through the video submission. I decided to forgo a PowerPoint and instead talk directly into the camera.


Gaining recognition for the work I have been doing while having only been in the industry for a short time has also increased my confidence and encouraged me to continue to push for my own development.



What would you like to do to inspire next year's applicants? 


There is no downside to entering a submission for the award, even if you don't get shortlisted, you get an opportunity to improve your presentation skills, and if you do get shortlisted, it's an exciting new opportunity to attend the awards night.


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