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CIBSE Undergraduate of the Year 2023 - Ruairi Devlin

Hi, I'm Ruairi Devlin, CIBSE Undergraduate of the Year 2023. 


Why did you enter the awards?

I entered the awards to challenge myself and gain recognition for the hard work and dedication I’ve put into my studies and early career projects. It’s also an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and industry professionals who share a passion for building services engineering.


Have you received any exciting opportunities since winning the YEAs?

Yes, winning the CIBSE Young Engineers Award has opened several exciting doors for me. I’ve been invited to various CIBSE events, including the Build2Perform event which has broadened my professional network. Additionally, it has inspired both myself and the engineers I work with to actively engage with CIBSE-related events, further integrating us into the professional community.


Why should you enter?

Entering the awards is a fantastic way to showcase your talent and hard work to the engineering community. It provides a platform to highlight your achievements and can significantly enhance your professional profile. Moreover, it offers the chance to gain feedback from industry experts, which can be incredibly beneficial for your growth and development. 


How do you think your experience in entering and being shortlisted for the YEAs has helped to boost your confidence?

The experience of entering and being shortlisted for the YEAs has been transformative for my confidence and professional development. It validated my efforts in my early career and has motivated me to aim higher in my future endeavours.





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