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SLL Young Lighter 2019

We are delighted to announce the shortlisted entries for the SLL Young Lighter 2019

A panel of judges, representing different parts of the lighting industry from lighting design and academia to sales and manufacturing, have reviewed the entries the 2019 edition of the SLL Young Lighter competition. Take a look at the shortlisted entries below:

  • Anna Tomschik (BLACK Ljusdesign, Stockholm), Daylight Inspired Lighting - Design Concepts Aligned with Nature
  • Anna Wawryzniak (Peter Andres Lichtplanung, Germany), A Light Booster Metro Car for the Commuting Work Force: Human Centric Lighting in Underground Transportation
  • Beatrice Bertolini (GIA Equation, London), Urban Lighting meets People: Social Engaging Lighting Settings for Sustainable Cities
  • Fatemeh Dastgheib (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Outdoor Lighting and Perception of Safety from a Female Perspective
  • Jie Xu (University College London), Will and How the ETFE and Glazing Materials Influence the Light Distribution if Roof Garden?
  • Joan-Tähven Vene (DeltaE Engineering, Estonia), Lighting Passport for the City of Towers and the Ways to Achieve it
  • Melissa Kennedy (WSP, London), Texture within the Light: Evaluating the Impact of Textured Light upon the Sensual Atmospheres within Art, Architecture and Design
  • Nils Voerste (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany), Evidence based Lighting Design for Urban Environments: Natural and Artifical Lighting Impacts on Peoples' Experiences of Public Space

2019 marks the 25th year of the SLL Young Lighter competition. Over the year’s we have seen some incredible projects and notable winners, making this competition an invaluable platform to explore and discuss ideas relating to light, particularly for those at the early stages of their career.


In celebration of the 25th anniversary, previous winners and senior members of the Society reviewed the entry criteria, ensuring that the competition was open to anyone with an interest in light and lighting.

The finals will be held at LuxLive 2019 on 14 November 2019 and the winner announced at the Lux Awards that evening. The winner will be named SLL Young Lighter 2019 and receive a cash prize of £1000.


Entry Stage One:

  • 6 introductory Powerpoint slides outlining entry

These could include images, illustrations, graphics, animations, text, voice etc.

Stage Two:

If your Stage One entry is shortlisted we will ask you to elaborate with a 3-5 minute piece to camera and to expand on your initial ideas. This can be in whichever format your feel illustrates your entry best. We’ve listed some suggested formats below:

  • Expand on your initial slides (with a maximum of 25 slides in total)

  • Write a written paper (not exceeding 3000 words)

We would be open to discussing alternative formats, should your entry be shortlisted.

Stage 3:

Finalists will be selected and invited to deliver a 15 minute presentation in front of an audience at Europe’s biggest annual lighting event, LuxLive.

Following the presentations, a winner will be selected, receiving a cash prize of £1000 and the title SLL Young Lighter 2019.

Entry for the 2019 competition is now closed.

SLL Young Lighter of the Year 2018

We are delighted to confirm that Emma Beadle was named SLL Young Lighter of the Year 2018 at the Lux Awards on 15 November 2018. Emma also received the prize for the Best Written Paper, for her entry, 'Children's Utopian Visions of the City: co-designing lighting masterplans through play and exploration.'

The finals took place during LuxLive 2018, with each finalist delivering a 15 minute presentation on their paper. The prize for the Best Presentation was awarded to Katia Kolovea for her presentation, 'Light as a Medium to Enhance Communication in Urban Spaces.' The other finalists were Carla Piatta - ‘Interactive Lighting in Public Spaces’ and Sanny Yuwono - ‘Is there a threshold for the degree of chroma used to allow colour in exterior lighting without making the building incongruous to its surroundings?’

See all four 2018 finalists and view their video presentations and final written papers below:

Emma Beadle - Children's Utopiuan Visions of the City: Co-Designing Lighting Masterplans through Play and Exploration

Katia Kolovea - Light as a Medium to Enhance Communication in Urban Spaces

Carla Piatti - Interactive Lighting in Public Spaces

Sanny Yuwono - Is there a threshold for the degree of chroma used to allow colour in exterior lighting without making the building incongruous to its surroundings?

Each finalist was invited to join the Society at the Lux Awards on the evening of 15th November 2018, where the winner was announced.

Emma Beadle named SLL Young Lighter of the Year at the Lux Awards 2018

In 2017, Matt Hanbury was named SLL Young Lighter of the Year for his presentation, Ultra-thin Surface Light Sources: Picking up where OLED Stalled

Take a look at some of the previous finalists' video presentations via the links below:

By entering, you have an opportunity to join previous winners including Seda Kacel, Christopher Knowlton, Sabine De Schutter, Rachael Nicholls, Janna Aronson, Youmna Abdallah, Sofia Tolia and Matt Hanbury with the prestigious title of Young Lighter of the Year.

SLL Young Lighters - Left: Matt Hanbury (2017), Sofia Tolia (2016), Youmna Abdallah (2015)
Right: Janna Aronson (2014), Rachael Nicholls (2013), Sabine de Schutter (2012)

The Young Lighter of the Year competition provides a high profile opportunity to help promote younger members within lighting related professions.

If you have any questions about entering the 2019 competition, please contact us at