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Accredited as Further Learning

These degrees are accredited as suitable further learning
Institution Name Programme Title Delivery Accreditation Dates
Brunel University MSc Building Services Engineering FT/DL 2002-2021
  MSc Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy FT/DL 2007-2021
  MSc Building Services Engineering Management DL 2002-2021
  MSc Sustainable Energy, Technologies and Management FT 2011-2016
Cambridge University MSt Interdisciplinary Design in the Built Environment PT 2011-2015
De Montfort University MSc Climate Change and Sustainable Development FT/PT/DL 2009-2017
  MSc Energy and Industrial Sustainability FT/PT/DL 2010-2017
  MSc Energy and Sustainable Building Design FT/PT/DL 2004-2017
Glasgow Caledonian University MSc Building Services Engineering FT/PT/DL 2003-2019
  MSc Energy and Environmental Management (Oil and Gas) FT/PT 2015-2019
  MSc Energy and Environmental Management FT/PT 2011-2019
  MSc Waste Management FT/PT 2011-2019
  MSc Sustainable Energy Technology FT/PT 2011-2019
Heriot-Watt University MSc Building Services Engineering (Previously Architectural Engineering) FT/PT/DL 2010-2020
  MSc Sustainable Building Design FT/PT/DL 2015-2019
Hong Kong Polytechnic University MSc Building Services Engineering FT/PT 2005-2019
  MEng Building Services Engineering FT 2006-2019
  MSc Facility Management FT/PT 2010-2019
  MSc Fire and Safety Engineering FT/PT 2010-2019
  MSc High Performance Buildings FT/PT 2013-2019
City University of Hong Kong MSc Building Engineering (Building COst Management) PT 2008-2013
  MSc Building Engineering (Intelligent Building) PT 2008-2013
Imperial College London MSc Systems Engineering and Innovation FT 2011-2016
London South Bank University MSc Building Services Engineering FT/PT/DL 2003-2018
  MSc Environmental and Architectural Acoustics FT/PT 2003-2018
  MSc Sustainable Energy Systems FT/PT 2002-2018
Loughborough University MSc Building Services Engineering FT/PT 2000-2014
  MSc Low Energy Builsing Services Engineering FT/PT 2015-2019
  MSc Low Carbon Building Design and Modelling FT/PT 2009-2019
University of Nottingham MSc Energy Conversion and Management FT/PT 2004-2018
  MSc Sustainable Building Technology FT/PT 2009-2018
  MSc Sustainable Building Technology in Ningbo  FT 2014-2018
Open University MSc Engineering F46 PT 2011-2018
Royal School of Military Engineering MSc Military Construction Engineering FT 2014-2018
University of Central Lancashire MSc Building Services FT/PT 2009-2018
  MSc Fire Safety Engineering FT/PT 2014-2018
  MSc Fire Investigation FT/PT 2014-2018
  MSc Fire Scene Investigation FT/PT 2014-2018
University College London - Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources MSc Environmental Design and Engineering FT/PT 2010-2019
  MSc Light and Lighting FT/PT 2010-2019
University of Ulster MSc Renewable Energy and Energy Management PT/DL 2011-2020
  MSc Fire Safety Engineering FT/PT 2015-2019
University of Reading MSc Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments FT/PT 2013-2019
  EngD Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments PT 2012-2019
  MSc Renewable Energy Technology and Sustainability FT/PT 2014-2018
Welsh School of Architecture MSc Environmental Design of Buildings FT/PT 2012-2019
  MSc Sustainable Mega Buildings FT/PT 2014-2019