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About the Group

The Group acts as a forum for discussion, debate and promotion on matters of building services education philosophy, theory and practice and in particular to provide links between the education world and building services employers. It seeks to achieve this by:

  • Facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange between the parties, including industry, schools, universities and CIBSE
  • Reviewing information available and government policy and action on education and training
  • Addressing the needs of industry, e.g. quality, number and knowledge base of students.
  • Addressing the needs of universities/colleges, e.g. source of students, industry panels, lecturers
  • Reviewing the structure and content of available courses and training schemes
  • Supporting training and work experience for students, e.g. placement, work shadowing.
  • Providing liaison with other organisations, for example HVCA, SummitSkills
  • Reviewing opportunities for collaboration in research and enterprise development
  • Providing liaison with relevant CIBSE committees
  • Promoting opportunities to schoolchildren 14 years onwards
  • Identifying opportunities for sponsorship, bursaries etc
  • Encouraging promotion of CIBSE membership and publications.

CIBSE policy matters are dealt with by the Education, Training & Membership Committee and are not within the terms of reference of this special interest group. If the Group considers matters relevant to a specialist Society or Group, it will liaise with that Society or Group. It will also liaise with the CIBSE Patrons. 

There has been considerable support from industry, academia and government alike, specifically, SummitSkills, the DTI, Construction Industry Council, the HVCA, universities and colleges and a wide range of industry employers.