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Scotland Past Presentations

Technical Seminars:

Understanding Swimming Pool Ventilation

by Tom Sands, VES – March 2017.

The seminar covers legislation and design guidance, studies into humidity and evaporation, calculating air flow, energy efficiency and running costs and system design considerations.

Trench Heating

by Thorsten Niehoff, Kampmann UK Ltd - June 2016

A new BS EN test standard for trench heating has been published.  It defines a new test procedure with which all manufacturers need to comply.  That means that for the first time it is possible to compare the products of different manufacturers, and be assured that the published data is in line with the performance that would be achieved in an actual installation.
Here is a video showing the difference between short circuit optimised and non-optimised units.

Integration of Pipework Systems:

by David Palmer of the Campbell Palmer Partnership Ltd - May 2016

Overview of the history of boiler, header, and pump arrangements.  Analysis of boiler house hydronic performance with particular regard to multiple heat sources (including renewables) and the challenges of interfacing to existing secondary load systems.  In fifteen cases recently analysed in the UK and Ireland, aspects of the hydronic integration of boilers with load circuits was identified as the main cause of underperformance.