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YEN North West Committee

As of November 2015 the committee consists of:

Chair: Patrick Nicholls (LinkedIn)  
Vice-chair: Colin Lehane (LinkedIn
Other members: Eleanor Murphy (LinkedIn), Tom Waterson (, Michael Charleson (LinkedIn),
Jorge Abarca Montero (LinkedIn), Matt Lowe (LinkedIn)
Promotion: Emily Little (LinkedIn), Sean Kierans (LinkedIn)

Madga Witt, who co-founded the YEN NW with Ben Cohen in July 2011, has since moved to London.
CIBSE NW & YEN NW Committee recruitment for 2015-16

At the next AGM in April 2016 several key positions on the CIBSE NW and YEN NW committee will become available due to the members holding them reaching the end of their allowed time in position. As volunteers representing a professional body there is both a requirement for committee members to be elected democratically by vote of members present and also limitations on how long someone can remain in the same role to avoid the group activity falling into a rut and becoming stale. 

One of our major priorities as a group for the upcoming year is to find new people within the North West who are able and willing to get involved in running CIBSE activities in the region. People with ideas for events, initiative and enthusiasm for the profession are the key requirements so if that sounds like you and enjoy working in a small team then we would love to hear from you. As a voluntary group, the activities we do are decided and organised by the regional members so it is possible for individuals to make a significant difference to what CIBSE NW and YEN NW do.

At the April 2016 AGM we expect that CIBSE NW will a new regional Treasurer. This position involves managing and maintaining the regional accounts through the year, and is vital for regional activities to continue.

We also expect that in April 2015, YEN NW will require a new Chair as our current chair moves on from his present role to the main CIBSE NW committee. YEN NW has run a string of successful events over the last few years and we are looking someone who can lead the way with continuing our activities.

Regional CIBSE activity is a voluntary activity to be fitted around work and other commitments - the ability to make some time periodically for the group activity is essential. No-one is expected to dedicate lengthy periods of time to their role, but likewise regular communication is needed to progress things. Student societies are a fair comparison, although no prior experience is required to get involved with CIBSE and all potential candidates are welcome.

Please get in touch via if you wish to be involved.