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Certificate of Digital Engineering Competency

Awarded to manufacturers for the effective delivery of product data

Product data is now widely incorporated into digital and BIM processes and accurate data will often progress through the design and construction phases and on into operation and maintenance and lifetime reference and use.

Unfortunately, many websites and online data sources do not yet meet operational and digital requirements and therefore, when identified, are avoided by engineers and specifiers. Common problems include difficulties transporting data, as well as excessive data overloading user systems.   

What is the new competency scheme?

Who can apply?

How will it be assessed?

Launch offer


What is the new competency scheme?

CIBSE and SDE have launched a new competency scheme that assesses the online and website delivery of manufacturers' product data, and asks manufacturers the following about their products:

  • Are the necessary performance and systemic requirements available, including basic dimensions and data?
  • Is it readily available and accessible?
  • Is it readily transportable to users’ PCs? Can the user cut and paste, and incorporate in design or specification processes?
  • Does it have a detrimental impact on users’ hardware or software, delaying or impeding processing?

Manufacturers successfully completing the assessment will receive a certificate as well as a logo that can be used to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for effective data delivery.  

Who can apply?

The scheme is aimed at building services manufacturers and suppliers who wish to demonstrate to engineers and specifiers that their product data is fit for purpose - and that they can go to the manufacturer's website confident they will be able to access and transport the data they require.

How will it be assessed?

A representative cross-section of a manufacturer’s product range will be assessed to show that the data is available and transportable from the manufacturer to the end user, whether designer, installer or facility manager. For larger manufacturers with extensive product ranges prices will be quoted on application.

Every applicant will receive a short report after their assessment with recommendations for improvement (if applicable). This is intended to assist the process of continuous improvement.

Launch Offer

To celebrate the launch of the new scheme an introductory price has been set for manufacturers who join in 2019.

Standard price: £295 + VAT
Launch offer price*: £225 + VAT

*Offer expires on 31.12.19

For more information, please email or call Carl Collins on +44 (0)208 772 3683.