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Subscription Rates and Fees

Pay your subscription online

Pay your subscription online here
(please note this is not available to members set up to pay by direct debit)

For the latest subscription rates please download the file below: 

Direct Debit Payments

A discounted annual subscription is available to existing members who opt to pay by Direct Debit. Please note that members must hold a UK bank account to pay by direct debit. The Direct Debit rate is not initially available when transferring from one grade to another during the year but can be set up for all future years' subscriptions. Direct Debit is CIBSE's preferred method of payment as it helps keep costs to a minimum and ensures your membership fees are put to best use.

Members can opt to pay their subscription by Direct Debit in 3 instalments, collected in February, April and June. Payment by instalments does not qualify for a discounted rate.

Continuous Credit Card Authority

A discounted annual subscription fee is available for existing overseas members who opt to pay by continuous credit card Authority (Visa and MasterCard only).

To sign up to Direct Debit Payments or Continuous Credit Card Authority please download and return the completed payments form to or post to Membership Subscriptions, CIBSE, 222 Balham High Road, SW12 9BS, UK.

Reduced Subscription Application

If you have retired from full time employment, are currently out of work or earning less than £7,500 then you can apply for a reduced membership subscription fee. Please download and return the completed form to or post to Membership Subscriptions, CIBSE, 222 Balham High Road, SW12 9BS, UK.

Please note that the reduced subscription rate operates in the same way as the annual subscription and so runs on an annual basis from 1st January to 31st December every year. The reduced subscription rate is not prorated and only eligible for those who have been in membership for one year or more.

CIBSE Benevolent Fund

In addition to the reduced subscription, the CIBSE Benevolent Fund can provide support for members or their dependants who are facing serious hardship. If you would like to be assessed for support from the Fund, further information is available here.