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How operational data is used to test assumptions in the SAP methodology

How operational data is used to test assumptions in the SAP methodology

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Session 17 Paper 3, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) was developed by BRE for the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) as the default calculation tool for assessing the energy performance of UK dwellings. The use of a standardised method enables Building Regulations compliance checks and energy ratings to be carried out on a consistent basis. BRE uses operational metered data and field trials to confirm, improve and update the assumptions used in the methodology. This paper discusses the update cycle and current work to evolve the methodology.

The examples in this paper cover work on heating patterns, electric storage heaters, heat networks and ventilation rates. The outcomes from two of the studies proposed updates to current assumptions in the methodology and the other two are examples of confirming existing assumptions.