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CIBSE Technology Committee

Reports to: CIBSE Board

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The committee meets 3-4 times a year.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To oversee engineering policy and make recommendations to the Board on matters within its remit.

  2. To generate Institution Policy Statements for Board approval.

  3. To oversee the preparation of timely responses to consultation documents (including documents produced by other professional bodies, standards organisations and government).

  4. Subject to the provisions of Rule B21 in the Rules for the Board, to appoint and brief representatives where appropriate to contribute to and/or report on technical policy and publication activities of other organisations.

  5. To make recommendations to the Board regarding the Carter and Napier Shaw Bronze Medals for published and/or presented papers.

  6. To seek contributions to the work of the committee from all relevant international and interdisciplinary sources within the institution.

Committee Membership

Chair: Bryan Franklin
Other Members:
Bill Wright - ECA
Colin Ashford
David Hughes
David Frise - BE&S Association
David Lush
Derrick Braham - Derrick Braham Associates
Donald Leeper
Gerald Israel - GAI Associates (Corresponding)
Ian Knight - Cardiff University
John Field - Native-Hue
Mark Dunne - Atkins
Nick Cullen - Hoare Lea

Director Responsible: Hywel Davies
Department:   Technical