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  • PublisherCIBSE
  • Product CodeDE3
  • Number of pages31
  • Publication DateNov 2016
  • ISBN9781906846930

DE3: BIM Execution Plans

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DE3: BIM Execution Plans

DE3, part of CIBSE's Digital Engineering series, is intended for those that generate, complete and review BIM Execution Plans (BEPs).

Four free-to-access templates associated with DE3 are available:

The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is, in the main, the design and construction teams’ response to the Employer’s Information Requirements. There are other requirements for further information to go into a BEP. 

DE3 is based on PAS 1192-2:2013 and provides guidance to users of BEPs as to how information may be sought, generated and reviewed, so as to add value to the employer. It is not intended to be an exhaustive or definitive document and it will be necessary for users of the guidance given to exercise their own professional judgement when deciding whether to abide by or depart from it. The standing of a PAS should be considered.

The concept of the BIM Execution Plan is that it is a response to an Employer’s Information Requirements document (EIR), setting out the proposals for how a project can be delivered digitally. For the writers of BIM Execution Plans, it is important to understand what your employer, or prospective employer, needs to know and what they will understand from your responses. It is important to give clear and concise answers to the EIR and that these are verified by including examples, certificates and other supporting documentation.

The BEP process is there to make the information exchanges between the design teams, construction teams and their employer predictable and well defined, using formats that are interoperable between the various software platforms used.

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Associated publications:
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   Index of Tables
   Index of Figures
PAS 1192-2
   General Requirements
BIM Execution Plans – Specific Requirements
   Pre-contract BEP
      Project Information
      Information Required by the EIR
      Project Implementation Plan
      Project Goals for Collaboration and Information Modelling
      Major Project Milestones
      Project Information Model (PIM) Delivery Strategy
   Post-contract BEP
      Project Information
      Information Required by the EIR
      Planning and Documentation
      Standard Method and Procedure
      IT Solutions
BEPs without EIRs
   Option 1
   Option 2
   Appendix 1 – Further Reading
   Appendix 2 – CI/SfB Table

Carl Collins (Author) – Consultant to CIBSE

Other acknowledgements
John McDermott (WSP), David Lee (Hilson Moran), Ossian Whiley (Buro Happold)