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The CIBSE Benevolent Fund Almoners are volunteers who cover each Region of the Institution - visiting those in need to assess their circumstances.

Each CIBSE Region has one or more Almoners. Almoners are integral to the functioning of the BFT and support the members of their local region by assisting them in accessing support services, arranging financial support and more. Please consult the list of Almoners below:

Region Full name Email address
Australia/New Zealand Ian Small [email protected]
East Anglia Jim Stocker  [email protected]
Home Counties North East Ray Gooding  [email protected]
Home Counties North West Andy Moore [email protected]
Home Counties South East Peter Raynham [email protected]
Home Counties South West Peter Bull [email protected]
Merseyside & North Wales Stephen Wynn  [email protected]
Midlands Alan McWilliam  [email protected]
North East John Sproxton [email protected]
North West John Eccles [email protected]
Northern Ireland John Davidson [email protected]
Republic of Ireland Paul Martin [email protected]
Scotland John McLean  [email protected]
South Wales Keith Patterson  [email protected]
South West David O'Bryan [email protected]
Southern Ken Beecroft [email protected]
Yorkshire Steve Sutcliffe [email protected]


If you have some time and like meeting people, this could be a very rewarding way to assist the Fund. Please contact the Administrator for more information. Please note that attendance at quarterly meetings is required, and training and support will be provided.

How the Benevolent Fund has helped:

A member – who had been in the industry since the 1930s, a
member of CIBSE for more than 50 years, chair of his region’s
committee for four years, and actively fundraised for the
Benevolent Fund – sought out the Fund’s assistance, as his health
deteriorated. His wife was in a nursing home, while he was living
at home with a carer, and he wanted his wife to move back home
with him. The Benevolent Fund helped him achieve his wish by
widening the doorways in their home, to allow wheelchair access.

A member died after a serious illness and his widow was left
in financial difficulty. The Fund assisted until she no longer
needed support.

The Fund was able to provide support for an individual who,
because of ill health, was no longer able to work, and whose spouse
was also seriously ill. The individual had significant additional
expenses because of their illness, and the Fund was able to provide
a quarterly grant and some one-off expenses.

A member struggled to maintain his business because of difficulty
in obtaining payment for his work, and lost the family home. The
Citizens Advice Bureau recommended he contact CIBSE and the
Fund supported him with a standard quarterly grant.

Contact us

You can contact the CIBSE Benevolent Fund in several ways:

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