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Examples of our work

The Fund provides help in a wide range of circumstances.  We always encourage those in need to contact us, to see whether assistance can be provided.  Some examples of the circumstances in which support has been provided are:

  • A member suffered from a severe illness, preventing him from working and leading to an accumulation of debts. The Fund enabled him to get back on an even keel financially. Following successful treatment, he is now back at work.


  • A member had to take early retirement because of long term illness. His pension arrangements collapsed. The Fund has been supporting him and his family. Sadly, the member died at the end of 2006 but the Fund continues to support his widow.


  • A member died young, leaving a widow with two teenage children to bring up. There was no pension. The Fund supported the family until the children left home; more than 30 years later, the Fund is still assisting the member's widow.


  • A member was struck down by a debilitating disease. The Fund has assisted in adaptation to the home and the provision of equipment to enable him to work from home.
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