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The creation of a Benevolent Fund was first suggested in 1933 by Mr R Comyn Ching, then Vice-President of the Institution of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (IHVE).

In October of that year, the IHVE Council approved the proposal, forming the first Benevolent Fund Committee. This committee was chaired by Mr. Ching and included members such as W. E. Fretwell, W. Nelson Haden, A. B. Potterton, and J. H. Bryant. Mr. Ching played a pivotal role in establishing the fund, drafting its original scheme and, along with Mr. Fretwell, making the initial donations to get it started.

For many years, the Fund operated under the umbrella of the IHVE registered Charity and its successors, the CIBS in 1976, and CIBSE in 1985. In 2005, its governance was modernised with the introduction of a new Declaration of Trust.

As the Institution developed its regional presence over the years, the Fund established almoners in each new Region. There are now 19 Regions worldwide, with 16 covering the UK and three overseas in the Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia / New Zealand.

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