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Benevolent Fund Organisation

The Fund is governed by a Declaration of Trust established in 2005 - this replaced the original governing documents which had become unwieldy. 

Governance of the Fund rests with the Trustees, of whom there are at least seven including the CIBSE Honorary Treasurer, two additional CIBSE nominees, and nominees from the Almoners.

The Trustees look after the finances of the Fund and other legal requirements, and set the principles under which support and financial assistance is provided.

Responsibility for agreeing grants to individuals is delegated to a Management Committee, which is made up of all the Trustees plus all the Regional Almoners.

Both the Trustee body and the Management Committee meet quarterly - although recently, one meeting per year has been held by email exchange of papers, in order to make more effective use of resources and reduce travel costs.

The Chairman of the Fund can authorise emergency assistance where urgent needs arise between meetings.

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