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The CIBSE Council is made up of dedicated CIBSE members who call on their experience, insight, and professional passion to make an extraordinary contribution to the smooth running of our Institution. 

As a representative body, it's important that it is exactly that – representative. CIBSE membership includes students and new graduates as well as people at the very top of their profession with decades of incredible experience across a range of disciplines and industries. We want our Council to reflect that diversity.

Council meets three times a year and works with the Board to help ensure good governance for the benefit of all members, partners and the communities we serve.

The key roles of Council are to:

  • Influence the direction and strategy of the Institution.
  • Receive regular briefings on the Institution's progress.
  • Communicate the representative views of the members to the Board.

The Council receives reports from the Chief Executive, is consulted by the Board on any major proposals for change, debates matters of significance to the Institution and its membership, and canvasses and represents the views of Regions, Societies and Groups.

Council has over 60 members, including:

  • All members of the Board
  • Up to nine elected Members
  •  2 Past Presidents
  • All Standing Committee Chairs
  • All Regional Chairs
  • All Society Chairs
  • All Group Chairs
  • Other key representatives, eg Young Engineers Network, REHVA. 
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