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Role Models


As part of our work to drive diversity and inclusivity within the built environment sector, we recognise that it is important to shine a light on positive role models from underrepresented groups of people within our industry. We're working to ask a diverse range of individuals from across the CIBSE community to share their stories and experiences to help inspire our future workforce.

Interested in contributing to our Role Model series? Please contact [email protected]


Hakeem Makanju

My name is Hakeem Makanju; I am a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years experience in Building Services Design Consultancy and Facilities Management.
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Tejiri Ayerume

My name is Tejiri Ayerume and I am a Mechanical Engineer. I got my Masters (MEng) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick. I did an elective of business in my final year, so the degree title is Mechanical Engineering with Business Management. I have worked in the building services industry for over a year now at chapmanbdsp.
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Lionel James

My name is Lionel James; I am a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Manager with over 35+ years’ experience employed with both Building Services (BS) Design Consultancies and Contractors.
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Leonora Lang

I’m a Chartered Engineer, specialising in lift and escalator strategy. Basically, I tell people how many lifts and escalators they need in their building. I joined Arup as a Grad and have progressed up the grades to Associate. 
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