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ELCPD-01 Selectivity & Coordination with Power Circuit Breakers. ELCPD-02 Selecting Circuit Breakers Using Software Based Sources. ELCPD-04 Protection Against Electric Shock & Thermal Effects According to BS 7671 18th Edition. ELCPD-05 Life Safety Transfer Switching. ELCPD-06 LV Switchboard Design to BS EN 61439. ELCPD-07 Electronic Power Breaker Trip Units.

ELCPD-09 Energy Management and Asset Management. ELCPD-10 De-carbonising buildings (Low & Zero Carbon Buildings). ELCPD-11 Modern Solutions for LV Breaker Distribution Applications. ELCPD-12 EV Charging. ELCPD-13 Emergency Lighting Standards and Guidance. ELCPD-14 Lightning Protection. ELCPD-15 Surge Protection. ELCPD-16 Medium Voltage in Buildings. ELCPD-17 Fundamentals of UPS & Critical Power Protection. ELCPD-18 MV Protection Innovation for Buildings.

ELCPD-19 A Prescription for Small To Medium Energy Efficient Building Design (TM39).ELCPD-20 Limited Fire Hazard. ELCPD-21 A Guide to Power Transfer Equipment 7 Management.

  • Electrical & Lighting
Electrical & Lighting
All ABB Speakers are highly experienced in the field of electrical distribution, with relevant professional qualifications.
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