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Fire and Smoke Damper

The presentation covers various aspects of fire and smoke dampers, including their roles in compartmentation and smoke evacuation. It discusses the differences between fire and smoke dampers, detailing their design, testing criteria, and installation methods. The presentation also includes findings from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, emphasizing the importance of proper damper installation. Various fire damper options, control systems, and modern construction solutions like ATEX-rated and epoxy dampers are presented. The document outlines next-generation controllers and actuators for dampers, offering sustainable and efficient solutions for fire protection in buildings. The conclusion summarizes key features of fire and smoke dampers and offers an attendance certificate for the CPD session.

SureFire Fire and Smoke Duct

The presentation provides detailed information on fire and smoke rated ductwork, essential for maintaining fire compartmentation in buildings. It discusses the necessity and applications of fire-resistant ductwork, outlining various methods and standards like BS 9999:2017 and EN standards. The presentation covers different types of fire and smoke ducts, their limitations, and testing methods according to British and European standards. It emphasizes the role of insulation in ductwork, compliance with specific standards (like DW 172 for kitchen ventilation), and the importance of certification and trained installers. The document aims to clarify market confusion regarding these standards and their application in building safety.

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Mechanical;Building Safety

Carried out online on in person by Ed Kavanagh, Business Development Manager.

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Introduction for Fire Rated Ductwork Systems.

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