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Our subscription year runs from the 1 January to the 31 December. Fees are not dependent on date of joining and are not prorated.


CIBSE Annual Subscription Fees

Membership Grade

Annual Subscription Fee

Full Time Student Free for duration of course
Part Time Student & Apprentices £44.00
Graduate £118.00
Affiliate £147.00
Licentiate (LCIBSE) £162.00
Associate (ACIBSE) £215.00
Member (MCIBSE) £294.00
Fellow (FCIBSE) £323.00


Engineering Council Annual Registration Fees

Registration Grade

Annual Registration Fee

Interim IEng £15.66
Interim CEng £15.66
EngTech £21.34
IEng £37.21
CEng £43.85


Society Annual Subscription Fees*

*Society annual subscription fees are additional to your CIBSE Membership annual subscription fee. You must hold an active CIBSE Membership subscription in order to join or maintain your membership to a society.







Students (all) Free Free Free Free Free
Affiliate £10.00 £10.00 Free Free £10.00
Licentiate £10.00 NA Free NA NA
Associate £10.00 £10.00 Free £10.00 £10.00
Member £20.00 £20.00 Free £20.00 £20.00
Fellow £30.00 £30.00 Free £30.00 £30.00


Reduced Subscription Rate*

*Must be applied for before you are eligible for the reduced rate. Further information and the application form can be found here.

Membership Grade

Reduced Subscription Fee

All grades (excluding Students) £59.00


Registration Grade

Reduced Registration Fee

EngTech £9.46
IEng £16.50
CEng £19.83
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