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6 Minutes to Midnight - Insights & Practical Solutions to Making a Difference in the Built Environment by 2030 ...and Beyond

In 6 Minutes to Midnight we will explore several themes:

Session 1 of the event, titled Pathways Stairways and Highways, sets the tone for the entire series by discussing the grid carbon trajectory and exploring microgrids and flexibility. Load balancing between properties, as well as pilot project case studies, will also be discussed.

Session 2, titled Leaving a Legacy, will explore how we can trade off embodied carbon and operational energy. Issues related to embodied carbon in MEP will also be discussed, including the need to act wisely while acting now.

Session 3, Back to the Future, will focus on retrofit opportunities, including heat pumps, as well as the impacts of working from home and changing societal norms, such as millennials and Gen Z who are demanding change. Redefining loads for electric systems design will also be discussed.

Session 4, Back to the Future Pt II, aims to discover how co-generation and tri-generation can help us achieve the ultimate goal of a sustainable built environment. The selection of refrigerants, as well as the environmental impacts of batteries, will also be explored.

Session 5, To Infinity and Beyond…2030, rounds off the seminar series by exploring how building services design can promote agility and sustainability. AI and 'Smart' technology, as well as microgrids, will also be discussed in this session.


The series will be run virtually as 5 weekly sessions, 12pm - 2pm AEST, Tuesday 22 Aug 2023 – Tuesday 22 Sept 2023

Who this seminar series is for:

  • Building and Operations Managers
  • Building Monitoring and Modelling Engineers
  • Building Services Engineers 
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Commercial Tenants
  • Energy and Sustainability Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Government Employees
  • Installation and Maintenance Contractors
  • Property Managers
  • Project Managers

CIBSE is not-for-profit and dedicated, year-on-year to bringing knowledge and best practice opportunities to the industry to support the art, science and practice of building services engineering.

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