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Update on latest section 6 building regulations in Scotland

Join CIBSE Scotland for an update on the latest Section 6 building regulations in Scotland, with case studies to illuminate the talks. The speakers are closely involved in the development and software testing for the new Section 6 of building standards.

Chain of infection - December 2021

Water out of the tap, what’s the issue...? Water is the giver of life. Water is also the home of ‘waterborne pathogens’ such as legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These are naturally occurring bacteria that thrive in water systems. This short presentation will provide detail on the background to legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, including those who are most susceptible, favourable conditions, and control strategies. It will also cover possible opportunities that allow them to thrive within a water system and identifications of three key stakeholders that can impact on the quality of water within systems. With knowledge on the ‘Chain of Causation’ and some simple ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, this presentation will allow delegates to appreciate how they can assist with improved water safety.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction in the Metaverse - November 2021


Martin McDonnell – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edify - takes the most hyped concepts of recent times: “The Metaverse” & “Digital Twins”, and shares insight beyond that hype; how Digital Twins fit into the wider visions of the Metaverse. He shows how some of his recent work, particularly on Gigaprojects in the Middle East, reveal how real value and genuine utility can be derived by leveraging the power of games engines and immersive technology.

Solar energy in Scotland - October 2021


Chris Clark of Emtec Energy, an energy and renewable technology provider, will talk about Scotland’s net zero ambitions, and the deployment of Solar In Scotland so far. He will highlight the barriers to deployment and the opportunities for clients, particularly as costs are increasing year on year. A case study of a typical client proposal will show install types and paybacks.

There are also opportunities for consultant practices to attract more business re-evaluating their existing clients, carrying out feasibility studies etc. Consultants can inform clients about total life cost, not just capex, and engage with industries, the Scottish Government, Ofgem, trade bodies, etc.

Achieving Net Zero Through Retrofit and Passivhaus Techniques - April 2021


The inaugural CIBSE Scotland online seminar, featuring speaker Alistair Cameron of EDS Architects. This popular session looked at the usage of Passivhaus in retrofit projects to achieve net-zero targets.

Learning from Disputes and Expert Witness Services - May 2019

Learning from our mistakes, and trying to make sure they don't happen again, by Gerry Brannigan
Expert witnesses have the benefit of learning from others’ mistakes and this helps us develop a raft of knowledge and the ability to consider lessons learned. Gerry Brannigan has been involved in many projects where he has identified similar issues or common failures by building services design, construction professionals and contractors which have led to disputes, and he has started to gather some of this information together. Some of the issues discussed included;

  • Failures, leaks, corrosion and floods;
  • Scope and implementation;
  • Delay and disruption;
  • Dispute avoidance and managing risk.
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