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CIBSE UAE Committee

The committee held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 12 June 2023 at the Voco Hotel Dubai. The AGM witnessed a fantastic blend of in-person and online participation, embracing a hybrid model to ensure inclusivity and connectivity.

Under the leadership of Farah Naz, Head of Innovation (AECOM MEA), who served as the CIBSE UAE Chair from 2020-2023, our organization achieved remarkable milestones. Farah expertly chaired the meeting and eloquently showcased the accomplishments of CIBSE UAE during her tenure.

During this momentous occasion, we also witnessed the election of our new committee members for the year 2023-2024. Marc Lynch, Associate at Cundall, assumed the esteemed position of Vice Chair, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to support our mission.

We are delighted to announce that Imran Shaikh, Head of Mechanical at Ramboll ME, has taken the helm as the new Chair of CIBSE UAE. Imran's appointment heralds an exciting chapter for our committee.

Imran as part of his vision for the committee calls for "Empowering Excellence and Unleashing full potential." Imran passionately expressed his belief in harnessing the strong expertise within CIBSE UAE to drive forward the industry, foster collaboration, and create a supportive ecosystem that empowers professionals, advances knowledge, and propels our sector to unprecedented heights.

The dedication and commitment of our new committee members for 2023-2024 fill us with great enthusiasm. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are confident that our collective efforts will make a significant impact on the built environment industry.

Please join us in welcoming our exceptional committee members for 2023-2024. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of empowerment, excellence, and innovation!

Imran Shaikh - Chair
Marc Lynch - Vice Chair
Manjunath Naik - Honorary Secretary & DAC License signatory
Treasurer - tbc

Reid Donovan - Membership Champion
Lubna Saeed - Asst. membership champion
Mohammed Abdul Wasi - Asst. membership champion
Saim Riyaz - Asst. membership champion

Anzala Asher - WiBSE Networking (Social Media support)
Nizam Ahmed - Social Media Officer
Alejandro Falcón  - Social Secretary & Head of Event Management team
Sundara Gurushev - Event Management team
Aishwarya Chengappa - Event Management team
Reha Hansraj  - Event Management team
Mohammed Shamroukh - Event Management team
Daniel Chambers - Education Liaison
Priyankadevi Murugappan - Education Liaison
Abhishek Kumar Rai - Education Liaison
Maham Malik - Education Liaison
Conor Moore - Newsletter Editor
Syed Atam Hayat - Newsletter Editor
Ahmed Labeeb - Newsletter Editor
Krishna Ajith - Newsletter Editor
Farah Naz - Sustainability lead and Stakeholder Liaison

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