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SLL Ready Steady Light

One of the SLL’s flagship events, the Ready Steady Light (RSL) competition, sees teams competing against each other to design and set up temporary exterior installations with a limited range of equipment in only 180 minutes.

Returning to basic engineering and design, teams were tasked with lighting their site in its natural state with the equipment provided. They each have to overcome challenges without a budget and within the time constraints.

Whilst the lighting community has worked to overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic, day to day work has continued. There have been new starters and the same requirements to support development but without the crucial interaction of getting to work alongside colleagues in a shared space. The Society felt it was more important than ever to provide design practices, students and lighting professionals with an opportunity to have fun and work together, with the added element of some friendly competition.


Judges for SLL Technical Award were Andrew Bissell, SLL President and Eliot Horsman, chair of SLL Marketing & Communications committee.

The IALD judges were Christopher Knowlton CEO IALD, Emma Cogswell IALD UK Project Manager and Ben Ratcliffe Rose Bruford College Subject Leader in Lighting Design.


Our 2022 Winners are....


Team Cundall - Technical Award 


Team CBG Consultants- Artistic Award 



Team MID - Peer Award 





If you have any questions about Ready Steady Light, please email [email protected]