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SLL Young Lighter

The SLL Young Lighter competition is in its 30th Year!

This competition is for anyone who is interested in light and lighting, regardless of background or education. You don't need to write an academic paper to participate. All you need is an original and creative idea about any aspect of light.

You can choose any topic related to light, such as your experiences with light, dark, sunlight, shadow, reflection, stars, dark skies, planets, product design, biorhythms, circularity, sustainability, nature, effects, buildings, photography, the future, or anything else that sparks your interest.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent and vision to the lighting community and beyond. Previous winners and finalists have impressed us with their innovative and inspiring projects. Hear about past Winners and Finalists

The winner will be awarded the prestigious title of SLL Young Lighter and a cash prize of £1000. Each finalist will also receive a cash prize.

The competition provides a high-profile opportunity to help younger lighting professionals in the early stages of their careers.

For more information and to apply. The deadline for entries is 26th April 2024. 

For stage 1 applicants will be asked to submit 6 slides. Stage 2 you are asked to expand on your six slides and submit to camera for 3 to 5 minutes. Finalists then do a 15 minutes presentation in front of an audience. The Young Lighter 2024 will be announced at Light2Perform in November. More information on our Application Page. 

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact [email protected]

SLL Young Lighter 2022 Topics

Find out about Past Young Lighters and Finalists

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