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SLL Young Lighter

The SLL are pleased to announce that entries are being accepted for the SLL Young Lighter 2023 competition. The competition is in its 29th year.

Each year, the competition is open to anyone with an interest in light and lighting. The winner will receive the title, SLL Young Lighter and a cash prize of £1000. Each finalist also receives a cash prize.

SLL Young Lighter 2022 Topics


The Stage One entry deadline to submit your 6 introductory slides outlining your idea is  27th April 2023

The shortlist and confirmation of those going through to Stage Two will be announced – 6th June 2023

The Stage Two deadline for for developed idea and video submission – 10th August 2023

The four competitors who will be presenting at the SLL Young Lighter 2023 will be announced 12th September 2023

The final takes place Tuesday 5th December 2023 at Light2Perform, ExCel, London.

Young Lighter 2023 Application Form 

Entries can be based on ANY light-related topic!

The Society will pay for travel and one nights accommodation for any overseas finalists.

Entry Stage One:

  • 6 introductory Powerpoint slides outlining the entry
  • These could include images, illustrations, graphics, animations, text, voice etc.

Stage Two:

  • If your Stage 1 entry is shortlisted we will ask you to elaborate with a 3-5 minute piece to camera and to expand on your initial ideas. This can be in whichever format your feel illustrates your entry best. We’ve listed some suggested formats below:
  • Expand on your initial slides (with a maximum of 25 slides in total)
  • Write a written paper (not exceeding 3000 words)
  • We would be open to discussing alternative formats, should your entry be shortlisted.

Stage Three:

  • Finalists will be selected and invited to deliver a 15-minute presentation in front of an audience.
  • Following the presentations, a winner will be selected, receiving a cash prize of £1000 and the title SLL Young Lighter 2023.
  • Over the years we have seen some incredible projects and notable winners, making this competition an invaluable platform to explore and discuss ideas relating to light, particularly for those at the early stages of their careers.
  • By entering, you have an opportunity to join previous winners including Seda Kacel, Christopher Knowlton, Sabine De Schutter, Rachael Nicholls, Janna Aronson, Youmna Abdallah, Sofia Tolia, Matt Hanbury, Emma Beadle, Anna Wawrzyniak, Aluwaine Manyonga and Maria Englezou with the prestigious title of Young Lighter of the Year.


Scott Kluger named SLL Young Lighter 2022, with his entry : Daylight Harvester: A tool to enhance lighting operational performance.

Watch the 2022 SLL Young Lighter Final:

Find out more about Scott's winning entry and the 2022 SLL Young Lighter finals

Scott Kluger - SLL Young Lighter 2022

SLL Young Lighter 2022 finalists:

  • Scott Kluger, Senior Daylight Designer, Hoare LeaDaylight Harvester: A tool to enhance lighting operational performance
  • Kenny Cliffe, Lighting Designer, Ridge & Partners - Adapting to the Digital Future
  • Anna Forrester, Lighting Design, ArupImproving the circadian rhythms in children through the means of a lighting device
  • Hiba Mazhar, Architectural Lighting Designer, SignifyDO WE OWN NIGHT??? Reimagining traditional city lighting with new light recipe to confiscate light pollution

The SLL Young Lighter 2022 finals took place online on 16 December 2022.


Watch the 2021 SLL Young Lighter Final:


Maria Englezou was named SLL Young Lighter 2021 with her entry - Do we need to change the design of healthcare facilities rooms?



Aluwaine Manyonga named SLL Young Lighter 2020 at the Lux Awards online with his entry - Offgrid Solar Lighting and Chigubhu Lantern, Africa's Education System Game Changer

The Young Lighter of the Year competition provides a high profile opportunity to help younger lighting professionals in the early stages of their careers.

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact [email protected].

Take a look at some of the previous finalists' video presentations via the links below:

SLL Young Lighters - Left: Matt Hanbury (2017), Sofia Tolia (2016), Youmna Abdallah (2015)
Right: Janna Aronson (2014), Rachael Nicholls (2013), Sabine de Schutter (2012)

For more information, please contact [email protected]  

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