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SoPHE Public Health Training Framework

Welcome to the first issue of the SoPHE Public Health Training Framework.

The Framework is a guideline consisting of competence modules that have been developed by the Education Group with assistance from Hoare Lea LLP. Their purpose is to provide trainee Public Health Engineers and their mentors with a structure for their in-house training.

The reason for developing these modules is in recognition that formal Public Health Engineering courses are not currently being provided by colleges in England, meaning that today's trainee Public Health Engineers are being trained almost exclusively in-house.

This has inevitably led to inconsistencies in the training being provided, making it difficult for both employers and employees to demonstrate what training will be given or received. By providing this framework our intention is that training will follow a common structure that becomes recognised throughout our industry.

The guidance in the next section provides detailed information on how the Competence Module Framework operates, but there are three key elements to understand before successfully completing each module:

  • The modules are designed to complement task-based learning, so you must be actively engaged in Public Health Engineering to complete a module
  • Your mentor must be approved by SoPHE prior to you starting the framework
  • The modules themselves provide no training material – instead they allow you to formally capture your in-house experience and learning together with your mentor’s confirmation of your competence


Best wishes with successfully completing the framework.
Peter White CEng MCIBSE SoPHE – SoPHE Chair

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