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Cibse Ashrae

The group was set up in 1995 as a result of increasing interest in the co-operation between CIBSE and ASHRAE members both in the UK and the US. The group is unique within CIBSE in that it is not associated with a particular sub-discipline of building services and aims to focus primarily on issues with a transatlantic emphasis and inter institution activity.

The meeting programmes have included a wide range of good quality evening papers as well as a number of seminars presented by leaders from industry and commerce. Every meeting provides opportunity for lively debate on current topics ranging from Next Years Building Model, through to an examination of the prevailing noise design standards.

There have been several occasions when the group has arranged participation from the USA such as John Klote who was a key speaker at a Fire Seminar and Max Sherman who helped plan a one day Ventilation Event. An annual lecture by the current ASHRAE president provides one of the group highlights. The group continues to maintain its active ASHRAE links.

The group is keen for the participation of all members and particularly those who have transatlantic experience in any aspect of the implementation of solutions in building services engineering. Those members who are involved in the design and realization of international standards are encouraged to contact the group with a view to providing a forum for feedback on consultation documents. The group welcomes ASHRAE members to its regular meetings as speakers or observers. Although it is appreciated that many will visit the UK at short notice there is frequently an opportunity of organising a special event around a visiting speaker.

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