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Heat Network Case Studies

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CHP and District Heating have been used in many different circumstances. Links to example case studies can be found below.

Please note that this is open to all CHP and DH suppliers and in no way implies endorsement by CIBSE. 

Baxi Technologies

Clarke Energy

Cofely District Energy


Dalkia Cogenco




Ener-G case studies

GE Power



Carbon Trust Case Studies
The case studies listed below, available from the Carbon Trust (T: 0800 58 57 94), illustrate some of the different sectors in which CHP has been installed, several of the financing mechanisms that have been utilised and the range of technologies employed. Click on the links below to go to a synopsis of the publications which can be downloaded as pdf files (after registering on the Carbon Trust website).

Copenhagen CTR system

Swedish Biofuels CHP on a large scale

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