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Heat Networks Terms of Reference

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The Heat Networks Group has the following broad objectives

  • help CIBSE members become aware of the opportunities, feasibility and economics for CHP,
  • encourage best practice in the deployment of existing CHP technologies by ensuring:
    • specifiers appreciate and understand the building’s characteristics and how this influences the sizing, economics and integration of CHP units,
    • CHP is designed, commissioned and operated correctly
    • users appreciate the need to monitor and evaluate performance, and how optimum operating strategies may be achieved,
  • keep members aware of the latest developments in new CHP technologies, such as Fuel Cells, Micro-turbines, domestic CHP (stirling engines), etc, and us of renewable fuels.
  • provide a forum to explore the lessons that can be learned from existing installations,
  • provide authoritative, accurate and independent information
  • Influence CHP policy where appropriate,
  • keep CIBSE members aware of market conditions and government initiatives related to CHP
  • encourage links with other institutions and organisations.
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