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Lifts 308

Thank you to our Unsung Heroes:

David Cooper and Dr Gina Barney

 CIBSE Article - Feb 2021

CIBSE LIFTS Group - President's Commendation

COVID-19: Emerging From Lockdown

Emerging from lockdown is a series of documents including:


OTIS AirFlow Study - What is the exposure risk of a short elevator ride?

To purchase a the PDF version of Guide D (2020), click HERE

Feature articles

Water Hydraulic Lift
Mr David Cooper

Towards low carbon lifts
Dr-Eur.Ing. Gina Barney

Energy Models for Lifts
Dr-Eur.Ing. Gina Barney

Barney on Energy Efficiency of Lifts
Dr-Eur.Ing. Gina Barney

Lifts and The Quest for Space
Mr Adam Scott

Make Mine a Double
Mr Simon Russett

Double Deck Elevators - A Real Solution?
Mr Simon Russett

Project Review - 125 Old Broad Street
Mr Simon Russett

The Effects of water ingress into fire fighting elevator shafts
Mr Simon Russett

Elevator Shaft Ventilation
Mr Simon Russett

That's Another Fine Mess
Mr Simon Russett

Manchester Central Library & Town Hall Project, Featuring; Vertical Circulation Core Scenic Elevators
Mr John Bentley

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