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For the latest updates, consult the government website regarding current legislations and BSI online regarding current standards in the UK.


New UK product from regulations from 1 January 2021 on BSI. CIBSE statement

CIBSE Guide D 2020  -  Chapter 18 and Annex 1 lists legislations and standards relevant to lifts, lifting platforms, stairlifts, escalators and moving walks. A PDF copy is free to download for members of CIBSE here.

The following from CIBSE Guide D: 2020 have been reproduced by kind permission of CIBSE and the Author.

Chapter 18: British, European and International Standardization for transportationsystems in buildings.
Annex 1: Legislation, standards etc. related to lifts, escalators and moving walks
Chapter D diagram

A1.6 Interpretations to EN 81 family of standards

A1.6.1 BSI Publications
Safety standards are very necessary, but the documents that describe them often require detailed study to obtain a full understanding. Sometimes the meaning is still unclear and hence the use of requests for interpretations. It is very important that designers, manufacturers, installers maintainers, owners, inspectors and consultants keep up to date with such interpretations.

BSI publishes BS EN 81-11: Safety rule for the construction and installation of lifts. Basics and interpretations. Interpretations related to the EN 81 family of standards as DD CEN/TS 81-11:2011. 
These interpretations may apply to BS EN 81-20 and BS EN 81-50.

A1.6.2 CEN Publications
New interpretations are issued by CEN on an ad hoc timescale. This does mean a practitioner’s knowledge can become out of date. Visit CEN/TC 10 website for the current interpretations.

Members who wish to receive an interpretation of any standard that BSI has published, please:

1. Check with a colleague first.
2. Contact us including the following information: Full Name, Company, Postal address, fixed and mobile number, email address and interpretation request.

One of the Lifts Group officers will answer if possible, but if not a recommendation will be for the questioner to forward the request to BSI.

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