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Sustainability Group

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The Sustainability Group aims to provide a focus within CIBSE for the many areas that impact sustainability in the built environment.

The Group welcomes members from industry, academia, Government and other bodies to participate; diverse perspectives are welcome.

Sustainability is a topic that is within the remit of many of our Special Interest Groups, and this Group aims to complement existing activities rather than replace them. In addition to its own activities, the Group will act as a conduit for relevant information to and from other groups.

Objectives of the group

  • To broaden members’ knowledge, skills and awareness across the wide range of issues encompassed by sustainability.
  • To act as a focus of knowledge regarding sustainability, with particular reference to building services and the built environment.
  • To facilitate the communication on sustainability issues between this Group and other Groups and Divisions with an interest in sustainability.
  • To seek collaboration with other Groups and Divisions within CIBSE, and with external experts in areas of knowledge that impact sustainability in the built environment but are not within CIBSE’s normal scope.
  • To work with CIBSE in developing or updating relevant knowledge.
  • To provide speakers for CIBSE events, technical papers, knowledge, seminars and training courses, and to organise a programme of events for group members and interested parties in collaboration with CIBSE regions.


If you want more information, please contact [email protected]

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