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How to prepare for your DBS application

To become a registered STEM Ambassador, you will need to have a valid DBS certificate. If you do not already have one, STEM Learning will help you make an application.

The process can take time, so we have prepared a guide to make it as smooth as possible.

How to make your DBS application

You can now have your ID verified online. 

  • Download the YOTI or Post Office app to a phone or tablet and create an account (you can delete the app once the process is completed). Do this before you start your application.
  • You will need an e passport (a biometric passport) to do this. If you do not have an e passport you will need both your passport and driving licence.
    • If you see a small microchip logo on the front cover of your passport, this indicates you have an e passport.

Please complete the application as soon as possible. You have a maximum of 90 days to complete the application – you will receive reminder emails throughout the process.

You can track the progress of your application using your log in details. Once your application has been approved you will no longer be able to log in.

When completing the ID check, it’s important that you keep the application open on your laptop whilst undertaking the digital ID check on the app.

If you experience any problems you can use the in application Live Chat or help email [email protected] or alternatively contact our support team via [email protected].

Once your induction is complete on the STEM Learning platform, you will receive a link to complete a DBS application.

It is important that you have the original copy of your ID documents with you before completing the application, otherwise the ID verification may fail and you will have to start again.

Once your ID has been verified the police and local authority checks will be undertaken. All being well you can expect to receive your certificate approximately 2 weeks later. The certificate will be sent to your current address.

It is important that you keep this certificate safe as you may be asked for it at volunteering activities. It is not possible to obtain a copy after 93 days of issue.

Your local STEM Ambassador Hub, nor STEM Learning get a copy of your certificate.

Once your certificate has been issued we recommend that you register it with the Update Service. By doing this, you will not need to apply again when the certificate expires as STEM Learning can simply meet with you to view the existing certificate and one element of photographic ID.

There is no charge to register with the Update Service but you must register within 28 days of the certificate being issued.

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