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Share your expertise, join the CIBSE Volunteer Community
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Share your expertise, join the CIBSE Volunteer Community

15 Jan 24
5 minutes
CIBSE Networks and Engagement Team

According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ recent “Time Well Spent survey”, the main reason people volunteer is that they want to make a difference, and this is normally linked to a cause that they believe in. Looking at feedback from many CIBSE volunteers, this is very much the case – if you feel like you would like to make a difference, amongst the opportunity to develop or learn new skills and collaborate with different people, then there are many different volunteering opportunities for you to consider. Volunteering also counts towards CPD and other important skills that you develop through volunteering activity can help with chartership applications, alongside personal development.


We know that time pressures may make it feel challenging to volunteer – we have lots of different opportunities which have different time commitments and hope that there will be one that will work for you. From becoming a mentor, to sitting on a committee to assessing End Point Assessments, the range of opportunities has something for everyone no matter your age, career stage or how much time you have to give.


Our current volunteers feel very passionately and we asked them what was the most rewarding part:


It’s about passing on knowledge and assisting others.


It’s being able to contribute towards the development of engineers (young and established) as well as helping CIBSE to deliver on its commitments and vision.”


It’s working with people from across the profession and industry to improve how we do things and the buildings we deliver particularly in energy/carbon use.


For more information on current opportunities please visit our volunteering portal. With our Societies, Regions and Special Interest Groups’ Annual General Meetings happening over the next few months, there will be even more opportunities available. If you have any questions about volunteering at CIBSE please contact [email protected] and the Networks and Engagement team will be more than happy to help.

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