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Get Involved in Knowledge and Research

  1. Join the Knowledge Management Committee or the Knowledge Generation Panel
  2. Propose a new Knowledge or Research Project
  3. Volunteer to work on one of our current projects:

Beta testing:

We are currently seeking volunteers to beta test digital webtools, ensuring that the correct results are given. Current tools in the testing phase are:

  • Pipe-sizing Calculator: Public Health
  • Embodied Carbon Calculator
  • Air-cleaning Calculator

Authoring and review:

We are currently seeking volunteers to author and review guidance in the following areas:

  • Underground drainage (Revision of Guide G)
  • Smart buildings
  • Air quality
  • Climate change risk and services
  • Electrical loads and power densities, including the electrification of heat and electric vehicle charging

If you would like to be involved in projects on any of the above, or for further information, email [email protected]

This list was last updated on 10th February 2024. 

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