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Proposers should first consult the list of Core Themes for Knowledge and Research to ensure that the proposed project fits in with CIBSE's strategic priorities for the production of Knowledge or the funding of research.

To suggest a Knowledge or Research project, email [email protected]

We will work with you to ensure that your proposal answers all relevant questions, will arrange for it to be reviewed by members of the Knowledge Generation Panel, and will then take the proposal to Knowledge Management Committee for approval. 

The proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • relation to CIBSE's core themes
  • availability of funds in CIBSE's research budget
  • the track record of the proposer
  • clear deliverables for CIBSE, its members and the wider industry. For example:
    • a CIBSE Knowledge publication (preferably a Technical Memorandum, possibly a Research Insight)
    • content for the update of CIBSE Guides or other relevant CIBSE publications
    • published articles in Building Services Engineering Research and Technology or Lighting Research and Technology
    • published articles in the CIBSE Journal
    • Content for social media or marketing.

The Research Manager and/or the Head of Knowledge will respond to the proposer with results and feedback on the submission.

Monitoring of Knowledge Projects

Approved Knowledge Projects will be managed by the Head of Knowledge, who will normally:

  • work closely with authors to define the scope, content, format and style of the desired guidance publication
  • define deadlines in collaboration with the authoring team, and ensure that these are met
  • manage the peer review process
  • Appoint editors, graphic designers and printers as appropriate for the publication of the resulting guidance. 

Monitoring of Research Projects

Approved research projects will be managed by the Research Manager, who will normally:

  • act as the CIBSE-appointed supervisor (this would apply to sponsored PhDs, EngDs, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, etc.)
  • participate in steering and advisory group meetings, and act as the key CIBSE liaison in all other research project activities
  • complete formal reports and other paperwork associated with the project, and where the project has been co-funded by other bodies, act as liaison to these bodies 
  • Provide regular progress updates to the CIBSE Knowledge Management Committee. 

If necessary, the Knowledge Management Committee will provide advice at various stages of CIBSE-funded Knowledge and Research projects.

Process for requesting Letters of Commitment for research proposals

Proposers should consult the published Core Themes for Knowledge and Research to ensure that the proposed project fits with CIBSE's strategic priorities, and ensure that the project is still in the concept stage, before contacting the CIBSE Research Manager for support. 

The Research Manager will evaluate the proposed project based on:

  • relevance to CIBSE's core themes for Knowledge and Research
  • clear deliverables for CIBSE, its members and the wider industry
  • availability of resources required
  • track record of the proposer.

If the proposed project meets these criteria, the Research Manager - with advice from the Knowledge Management Committee - will produce a Letter of Commitment by the specified deadline. 

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