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An interview with the authors of Dynamic thermal modelling of basic blinds (TM69)

"The ultimate goal of the document is to narrow the gap between predicted and actual performance of buildings, recognising the value of blinds in reducing peak energy loads and improving thermal comfort."

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"Because the delivery of heat pumps is so important in the decarbonisation of the UK economy, it was important to us that this guide would help people get their decision making and design decisions right so that they are designing and delivering successful heat pump installations that provide affordable, low-carbon heat to people’s homes."

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"It’s not sufficient to just use ‘Old school thinking’ and throw in a few ‘green’ words; energy efficiency needs to be a fundamental element of any and all projects."

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"Embodied carbon calculations can become very complex. Therefore, it can be an interesting challenge to create something simple enough to be used practically, yet robust enough to be fit for purpose."

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