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Frequently-asked Questions

Q: What is the CIBSE Knowledge Portal?

The CIBSE Knowledge Portal is where you can find all of CIBSE's guidance publications, most of which are available in both PDF and hard copy. This includes not only our core 11 publications, the CIBSE Guides, but also a huge store of Technical Memoranda, Applications Manuals, Commissioning Codes, Codes of Practice, and others. If you would like to see full lists of all publications by type, you will find these here: CIBSE Engineering Guidance

The Knowledge Portal also contains hundreds of peer-reviewed papers presented at CIBSE's Technical Symposium, an event held every Spring. These papers are freely available to all. 

Q: I'm sure that I downloaded a PDF, but I can't find it! Where is it? 

Once you have downloaded a CIBSE guidance PDF, you can always find it again on your 'My Downloads' page (however, we'd always encourage you to download it again, just to be sure you've got the most up-to-date version). 

Q: I thought PDFs were free for members - why is the site taking me to a shopping cart?

If you are a CIBSE member and want to download a CIBSE publication PDF for free as a benefit of membership, you will be taken through the purchasing procedure but charged £0. 

Q: I thought PDFs were free for members - why is the site charging me?

Are you absolutely sure that you've paid your membership subscription for the year? Have you received any emails lately asking you to contact the membership department to make a payment? Have a look, and get in touch with us via [email protected] if you're not sure. 

Q: I thought PDFs were free for student members - why is the site charging me?

Have you only signed up for student membership in the last few days? It takes a bit of time for us to check your credentials. Please be patient, it should be done within the week. If you're in a desperate rush, or if it's been longer than a week, email [email protected]

Q. I'm registered on the website and am logged in - why is the site is charging me?

Registration is one thing, and membership is another. Even if you're not a building services engineer, you can still become an affiliate member of CIBSE; that would entitle you to download Knowledge for free, and there are other benefits, too. Have a look here for more information: CIBSE Member Benefits

Q: What can a non-member gain from the Knowledge Portal?
As a non-member, you can register on the Knowledge Portal to purchase both hard copies and PDFs - and many PDFs are also free to all, including hundreds of Technical Symposium papers. 

Q: Am I allowed to print PDFs, and to cut and paste from documents?
Yes, but only for your own use. PDFs - or anything cut and pasted from these - should not be shared with anyone else.

Q: Can I email a CIBSE guidance PDF to a colleague?
No. Files downloaded from the CIBSE Knoweldge Portal are for the use of the downloader only. They may not be duplicated or circulated in any form for use by others, for re-sale or for any other purpose.

Q: Can I reproduce text, images or diagrams from a CIBSE publication in a presentation, thesis or dissertation?

Yes. If circulation is limited and you will not be charging for it, you are free to use CIBSE content - as long as it is clearly acknowledged and referenced. 

Q: Can I reproduce text, images or diagrams from a CIBSE publication in a text for sale or a training course?

Yes, for a cost, and only with our permission. Please request our permission, and a quote for the cost, using this form: CIBSE Knowledge Permission Request Form

Q: How do I suggest changes to existing publications or the need for a new one?
The Propose a Project page should answer most questions. You can also get in touch with use by emailing [email protected].

Q: I'm getting a security message and can't access the Knowledge Portal - what do I do?
Email [email protected].

Q. What cards do you accept?
Maestro, Visa and Mastercard.

Q. Why is the site not accepting my card details at the checkout?
Make sure that the address you enter at checkout is the same as the address associated with your debit/credit card.  If the problem persists please email [email protected].

Q. I'd like to help author CIBSE Guidance. How do I go about it? 
Have a look at the Propose a Project page, which details the process. If you'd like more detail about authoring, see also our Guidance Notes for Authors

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