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(archived) AM7: Information Technology and Buildings (pdf) (1989)
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(archived) AM7: Information Technology and Buildings (pdf) (1989)

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This publication has been archived, and is available here for reference only. It should not be used on current projects.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Building architecture and structure 
  3. Environmental systems 
  4. Fire protection 
  5. Security
  6. The visual environment
  7. Electrical aspects
  8. Power and heat loads 
  9. Electromagnetic compatibility 
  10. Cabling to the workplace 
  11. Telecommunications 
  12. Regulations and licences

Appendix 1: Checklist for briefing IT consultants

Appendix 2: Glossary of terms

DJ Stokoe

Chairman, Technical Publications Committee 

Information Technology and Buildings Task Group

W A Southwood (Chairman)

RD Denholm

A Kell

J O'Donohue

K B Pike

P Massey)' Secretary


B Austin, Arup Research & Development; A Bell, H L Dawson; A Bryant, Mercury Communications Ltd; R Burch, British Telecom plc; S Campbell, Oscar Faber Consulting Engineers; M Carver, SV M; R Connell, ICC Ltd; G Draper, Mott MacDonald; K Driver, Arup Research & Development; R Farmer, BICC Data Networks Ltd; M Fordham, Max Fordham and Partners; J Grace, Mott MacDonald; A Harrison, DEGW Ltd; M Hayes, Liebert Computer Support Systems; A Hinsley, Hinsley and Co; R Sleigh, Justham Dunsdon Partnership; B Smith, Tilney Simmons and Partners; P Webber, The Electrical Contractors Association; R Burke) Logica Consultancy; D Lush, Arup Research & Development; N Newton, AYH Partnership; R Oades, Eosys Ltd; K Phillips, Ove Arup & Partners; P Rulton, Mercury Communications Ltd; C Warner, Aspen Consultancy Ltd; D White) Mott MacDonald


S P Hodgson

Publications Secretary

K J Butcher 

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